Electronic Data Interchange the Ultimate Solution to Error -Free Data Exchange

Gone are the days when the concept of "workflow" was associated exclusively with tons of papers, and occupied all the working time of the accounting department of any enterprise.

Replaced by "waste paper" came electronic document management systems (EDMS), which at the initial stage simply completely duplicated the exchange of paper commercial documents. Subsequently, unified EDMS appeared, which made it possible to integrate enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and a customer and customer relationship management (CRM) system into them. The emergence of integrated systems made it possible to optimize the waste of working time, accelerate the dynamics of the exchange of necessary documents and eliminate numerous errors, which could not be avoided with the total use of manual labour. An EDI Services provider can be your ultimate stop for an error free exchange of data with your trading partners.

Now it is difficult to imagine a successful enterprise, a business that does not use electronic document management systems in their work, relying entirely on the promptness and discipline of employees and partners. It's scary to think about how much data such a company processes per day, month or year, and how much time it practically wastes.

EDI is a modern technology for the exchange of financial, commercial, logistics information, which takes place in the form of standard electronic messages between IT structures of business partners.

Moving to hi-tech systems is not just a fashion, it is an essential element of effective company operation, as evidenced by almost every related study. Data shows 74% of companies are already implementing a digital transformation strategy or are in the process of developing it.

A new stage in the evolution of electronic document management systems is the emergence and development of EDI (Electronic Data Exchange) - electronic data exchange systems.

What is EDI? EDI is a modern technology for the exchange of financial, commercial, logistics information, which takes place in the form of standard electronic messages between IT structures of business partners.

There is a whole system of standards that regulate the formats of transmitted messages. To form these standards, millions of paper documents were analyzed, as a result of which the necessary data were extracted and the corresponding fields and tables were formed. Thus, in the process of exchanging documents, participants receive files that fully meet the standards of the region with which the exchange takes place.

The importance of implementing EDI technology guarantees fast, correct and, safe exchange of the necessary data and documents, and also completely eliminates the influence of the human factor, which, with the traditional approach, reduces the quality of transmitted information, and, as a result, complicates communication between all participants in the most important business processes

We as an EDI service provider at Cogential IT helping ERP and other companies to smoothly shift to the technology. Our cloud-based EDI solution helped clients to decrease the number of errors in paperwork by 60% which furthermore results in reduction in costs associated with the preparation and management of documents by 90%. More than three quarters of companies have minimized the volume of cases of incomplete or incorrect delivery of goods, and the administrative burden has been halved.

With the experience of the market, we can be your one stop solution for EDI service provider who first understands your nature of business and provide an EDI solution according to it. Be it your first time or you’re looking to replace your existing system we can provide you the best and reliable solution with great benefits.

A well-chosen EDI Providers will not only conduct a subtle analysis of potential disruptions, but will also lay the foundation for future opportunities for efficient operation and rapid scaling of the entire IT system, including solutions for supply chain automation.

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