Why Your Customers Require Advance Ship Notices

Most major retailers and many industrial customers require Advance Ship Notices (ASN’s). Today’s post will cover a brief overview of ASN’s and then cover the substantial benefits of ASN’s for your customers and consequently why they require them.

ASN Overview
An Advance Ship Notice (ASN) tells your customer in advance that your shipment is on the way and it tells them how your cartons are packed. It is an ANSI X-12 EDI 856 transaction type. The EDIFACT equivalent is the DESADV (Dispatch Advice) message.

The ASN is basically an electronic packing slip with some of the Bill of Lading information added to it. The ASN is usually sent to your customer when your goods leave your loading dock so that your customer receives the ASN well before they receive your goods.

Each carton has a unique GS1-128 bar code label on the outside of the carton. The bar code number is also in the ASN so that the customer’s receiving dock personnel can scan the label and reference the ASN you sent. You can see a video about ASN’s here ASN video
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