Customized EDI integration can revolutionize inventory and warehouse management

Answer this simple question. How can a manufacturer know that the shelves of retail outlets are lacking its products? The manufacturer will obviously be notified by the retail management team. How long will it take for the retail employees to discover the deficiency of a particular product line, its requisition, and fulfillment?
Let us consider an example here. Wal-Mart has an excellent retail platform where it allows small and medium-sized businesses to showcase their products. How can the small and medium businesses find out the demand for certain items? This is where the WALMART EDI interface comes into the picture. By developing this EDI platform for different business partners, Wal-Mart has introduced an excellent communication medium where every entity will get an update regarding product information, order volume, shipping, supply chain, logistics, and other elements.
How EDI can improve inventory and supply chain management?
The implementation of EDI is not restricted to FMCG or retail industry. It is used in healthcare, pharmaceuticals and other industries too. The easy tagging of products and maintaining proper communication within business partners make the processes extremely easy and error-free. On the integration of top EDI SERVICES FOR KROGER and other providers, a business gets an excellent boost in inventory and supply chain management.
Let us find out how an EDI interface can deliver benefits to a business.
· Focusing on business
These days, the EDI services can be customized according to the needs of a client. A service provider can also make it easier for a business owner by trimming down the features and including the essential ones to make repetitive jobs automated. In this way, the workforce will become free from performing such repetitive works and can concentrate on more important functions. In a nutshell, the entire operation will be transformed into a better format when the hectic tasks are done automatically by an EDI interface.

· Visibility of inventory
On answering the questions asked in the previous sections here, you have easily understood how efficient an EDI interface can be. By using EDI SERVICES FOR KROGERa huge inventory becomes absolutely clear to the owner. It is easy to find out which products need to be procured and when an order has to be placed. It gives ample time to the business partners to react and fulfill each other’s responsibilities for the ease of doing business.
· Predictable inventory
One of the most fascinating features of an EDI integrated ERP platform is the prediction of an inventory. It helps the management to analyze and fulfill specific inventory needs. This also helps to reduce stock-outs, markdowns and surpluses. Hence, a warehouse will be most efficiently packed and managed without unnecessary stocking or emptiness. By using a Safeway EDI Solution, a company can perfectly manage its warehouse and maintain proper supply to meet the demands in the market.
Final words
Whether it is an interface like WALMART EDI or a customized solution for a particular business, the integration of EDI is bliss for warehouse, inventory and supply chain management.