Maintaining the Trading Community is no more Hassle When it is a Cloud-Based Solution

It is seamless, cloud-based, efficient, proactive, fast, reliable, user-friendly and accurate when we talk about the EDI solutions. The EDI solutions for small business have been a boon to the trading industry. Whatever may be the type of business, be it transport, inventory, grocery, pharmaceuticals, automobile industry, logistics or retail we at Cogential IT services provide complete seamless integrity between the business and its trading community. It’s actually a B2B solution present in the cloud allowing the client to access the services and the applications remotely without the hassle of installing any complex software at their end. We are here to give you the best solutions making you feel confident.

Some exclusive features to know about:

We are the leading EDI service provider and we help the clients with a highly reliable, scalable, efficient and lightning fast EDI system to connect with the trading partners or with the entire trading community. The entire data integration can be done at the client’s system within a period of a maximum of 5 days.

Rich solution is offered with full of features including immediate notifications, flexible sorting of files and directories, data filtration, data migration between inbound and outbound files, producing default information that reduces the effort and cost of data entry, reference data that gives personal information about name, address, contact numbers, item numbers etc.

Why choose our EDI services for retail?


The EDI solutions USA provide solutions to the client’s EDI that can be integrated into your data seamlessly and work remotely at the client’s system. Our system works on a cloud-based environment and the entire operation is conducted by the main server which is situated in the cloud. So the solution can be provided to the client more efficiently without any breakdown. You can thus experience a smooth, seamless operation throughout the entire process.


We come up with a dedicated team who takes care of all your specifications. As all the operation is cloud-based, high accuracy can be observed during the process. The system is made up of latest technologies which provide 100% accuracy as output. There is no involvement of any analogue mechanism, all the operational tasks will be completed digitally using the IP address. The server gets connected with the client’s system using AS2, VAN, File Transfer Protocol, SFTP, FTPS, and the Application Programming Interface. Thus, the connection provides a high bandwidth during the operation.


Our system provides a high scalability to EDI services for retail. As everything happens over the cloud and the IP address, it is highly scalable. One just needs a computer which has a separate IP address in order to get connected seamlessly over the cloud to the main server through IP address. As a result, one can expect the same high-quality performance there too. This way, we help you to grow your business, maintain and manage the inventory seamlessly, efficiently and accurately.

Customer support:

The customer support system is always proactive providing immediate solution of the issue. Live customer support executives are available 24/7 to solve customer issues. In case of emergencies, our developers of EDI solutions USA will take immediate charge and if requires they can also log in to the customer system remotely and solve the issue.